About Us

Tannaghmore Blacksmiths Workshop is basic blacksmithing and creative metal class run every Saturday at Tannaghmore Open Farm. Our basic aim is to celebrate the ancient craft of blacksmithing and place it alongside modern metal fabrication techniques in a creative and inclusive way

Tannaghmore Blacksmiths Workshop is lead by established Artist/Sculptor/Blacksmiths

Eamonn Higginhttp://www.eamonnhiggins.co.uk 


Steven Murphy http://www.cold-iron.co.uk/

Summer Evening Class

Weekly Evening Class 7.00 - 9.00 (dates to be finalised)

Cost: to be finalised.

This course for complete beginners will be on one evening per week over 6 weeks. This course is aimed at people who just want to learn the basics of blacksmithing, who can't make it to the Saturday workshop. The evening class will also allow the opportunity for the students to bring home a beautiful piece of functional art that they made. At £(???) Bargain!!!

Call Jonny +44(0)778373472 to book  place or try our online store


Saturday Class.

Every Saturday 11.00-13.00 and 13.30-15.30

Cost:£5 per class (for material costs)Tuition fees are paid for

The Focus of the Saturday Workshops is to unite the individual creativity of the participants in a joint group project. After just over 6 months total beginners of varied age, backgrounds and sex created together the hugely impressive Tannaghmore Open farm gates (see below).

Our next project will be based on the Legend of 'Master McGrath'.  As our mantra is inclusion and accessibility we will always welcome new members and complete beginners to our group, so please call Jonny +44(0)778373472 and book a space.